I am Parker, a father of two. I have one beautiful toddler girl and another (a boy, this time) yet to make it earth side. I have the most wonderful wife. We have an excellent relationship and openness is very important between us. She is the one person that has encouraged me along this path of natural parenting and natural living. She was also a big support in encouraging me to begin this blog, as I needed some place to talk about my thoughts and feelings on natural parenting and I noticed that men are mostly silent on this front (but there are hundreds of mommy bloggers…).

I created this blog to document the experience of a natural birth from a father’s perspective. My journey to natural parenting did not begin all at once. It began one step at a time; here a little, there a little and I’ve still got a long way to go. I am very much unlike the stereotypical American male in more ways than one. I am small in stature, mostly uninterested in sports, enjoy books and computers, and am very involved in the daily care of my child. I’d say my wife and I share the parenting duties fairly equally (although, she’ll argue she’s changed way more diapers). This often gets comments from friends and acquaintances questioning why I am so involved, but I do it because it brings me joy. Being the best husband and father I can is my greatest aspiration in life. If you ever have questions or want to share your story, feel free to contact me: naturalbirthingdad@gmail.com

Disclaimer stuff:

This blog is my own opinion and does not represent the opinions of any other person or organization.


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