Unexpected Turns

So we’re officially past the EDD…well by a week…and the little one still isn’t here. One of the benefits of having a baby in a birthing center attended by a midwife is that the mom gets extra time before birth inductions are suggested or required. In my state, 42 weeks is the cutoff for midwives to attend births. So, we’re up against that wall to have this baby the way we want.

This past week hasn’t been without it’s excitement though. At last week’s pre-natal check it was discovered the baby wasn’t in the correct position. We had an ultrasound scheduled with the OB the next day. He saw the baby was vertex (upside down) but slightly oblique. I had heard of breach and transverse, but never oblique. Apparently that is when the baby is slightly off center and not against the cervix. The OB didn’t seem too concerned, saying it will probably correct when labor begins.

We thought we were in the clear, but this week brought an even bigger shock. It is common practice to have biophysical profile to check if the baby is still healthy. When we get in today, we realize that he has now gone completely transverse. His back is lying on the cervix. So, needless to say that’s not very conducive to birthing. Thankfully, we have awesome health providers that gave us the option of a few more days to see if he moves back. We think since he’s already been the correct position once he might go back. If not, Undesirable #1 (C-Section) will be approaching soon.

I was really excited about this Hypnobirthing stuff and we’ve been working really hard to prepare. I’m hoping and praying that things work out and we have a normal vaginal delivery. I’m trying my best to be a supportive birth partner no matter our circumstances. Even if the experience is not anything we hope or plan, I still wholly believe in the Hypnobirthing way. It has brought more peace into our life and has helped countless others have comfortable and natural births.

If you’re the praying type, anything would be appreciated right about now. I expect my next post will be a birth announcement and I’m still an excited daddy! 🙂


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