My Gifts

I remember during our last pregnancy I was very anxious about everything. As a new father, I felt the need to provide for my family. We were newly married, still in school and the only way we brought in money was from financial aid and my part-time job. Pregnancies are expensive and children are even more expensive. It felt like the costs kept adding up. I know for my companion, she was dealing with the fear and anxiety of pregnancy and birthing on top of the same fears of my own. In the end, it all worked out through many timely blessings and gifts from others. We did without some things, but the love was strong and strengthened our marriage.

This time, I find I don’t feel those same fears anymore. We still face many of the same issues, but this time I have faith and experience to know it will work out. I’ve noticed my fears have been worry about our birthing experience. I am worried a special circumstance will appear and force us into the medical model with it’s many interventions. This is where I’ve noticed the Hypnobirthing® is making a big difference. I’ve learned to relax my mind and to ease those fears, so that I can be a calm and strong birthing partner. My spouse and I spent the evening before talking about our fears and talking them through. We then took the ones we couldn’t resolve to class where they were released. While I didn’t participate directly in the release, it was a peaceful experience.

As we are at the Eve of Christmas, I reflect on the many gifts in my life. I am thankful for the gift of a beautiful wife who has the intelligence to listen to her body and make the choices that are best for her and our new baby. I am thankful for a beautiful daughter and a son on the way. For me, this is a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and to reunite with family members. May we each remember the reason why we each celebrate this time of year (whatever it may be) and not become caught up in the commercialism. While the main purpose of this blog is not to share my faith, this video helps illustrate my feelings:

May you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and/or Happy whatever-holiday-you-celebrate.


My experience thus far

I noticed that there is a lack of birth stories from a father’s perspective and more specifically, from one whose partner has chosen to birth naturally. Our first child was born vaginally at a hospital in a less that ideal situation. She was born healthy and without any complications, of which I am grateful. However, the various medical interventions contributed to difficult bonding the first few weeks postpartum and left us both with bittersweet memories.

This time is different…We are approaching birth from a completely new perspective and in a completely new environment. For our second child, we are Hypnobirthing® in a stand-alone birth center. We both feel so much more comfortable in this new setting.

My intention is to document my experience in hopes that it might be helpful for someone else. Please visit again to read more.


Things I’m thinking about:

  • 26 weeks passed, more than half way done
  • Favorite blog: Birth Without Fear
  • Tonight: Our third Hypnobirthing class